Galen Guyer

Full-Stack Software + DevOps Engineer


sorted in no real order. this is mostly stuff i'm interested in maintaining-ish. some repos at the bottom are private. some are incomplete and may or may not be finished someday

dotfiles - my dotfiles

traefik - my traefik configs for my main server. requires composer due to how files are fragmented

composer - a c program to take many docker-compose.*.yaml files and pass them into docker-compose properly. written for traefik

cdn - terraform, ansible and shell scripts to deploy and manage my cdn

hancock - a small go project to help manage my personal root ca and certificates signed by it

retina - a quick uptime monitor

vigilant - a quick docker process monitor with a web ui

flask-demo - a template flask api using docker, gunicorn, and pipenv

docker-nginx - build scripts for a minimalist nginx docker image

reg - a fork of genuinetools/reg. changes made - tags are sorted by date and clicking a label copies it to the clipboard

moby - a fork of moby/moby. changes made - docker push checks authentication with a post request instead of a get, allowing for a proxy in front of a registry to auth pushed only with basic auth. built to work with docker-registry-proxy

docker-registry-proxy - an nginx reverse proxy made to sit in front of a selfhosted docker registry. uses http basic auth to authenticate pushes but not pulls. pushing requires a modified version of dockerd built from galenguyer/moby, but pulling can be done with any client

kubernetes-terraform-azure - terraform definitions to spin up a number of servers in azure. i primarily use it for a kubernetes cluster

kubernetes-ansible - ansible playbook to install kubernetes on a debian 10 cluster. might work with other debian based operating systems but i've never tested it

kubernetes-ops-scripts - scripts i use to make managing an ansible cluster a bit easier. probably not useful to you, they're very customized to my environment

squirrel - a python script to send data from flightaware/dump1090 to mongodb

once - one time secret sharing

docker-demo - a 101 intro to docker, covering building a docker image and deploying with docker-compose

rit-covid-dashboard - the frontend for the rit covid dashboard

rit-covid-poller - the backend for the rit covid dashboard

shant - hi. i'm a shant (for

photosink - a static photo gallery generator

gay - a cli tool to print a gay flag

parse - a c library for parsing command line arguments

test - a lightweight test framework for c

autohtpasswd - generate an htpasswd file from /etc/passwd entries

color - let's make a color together!

bingo - bingo web app

pubwebs - an nginx docker image that mounts /home and displays user's public_html folders

resume - my resume

dr-ver - a simple link shortener, written with love

blaseball-streampanel - a plain js single page app showing the latest feed from blaseball

dice - a c program to parse a string and roll dice for it

share - a fork of schollz/share. changes - properly displaying the error message on upload failure

wg_conf - a python library to manage a wireguard configuration file

md5 - a public domain implementation of md5 in c

brute - md5 brute forcing in c

md5-cuda - a public domain implementation of md5 in cuda

brute-cuda - md5 brute forcing in cuda

haddock - a password generator based off csh haddock but written in go for wobscale

clips - a lisp written in c

backup-scripts - bash scripts to back up stuff to google drive

book.css - a css file made to look kinda like a book but kinda clean

pymarkov - a markov chain library in python

myipis - a rust web app to get your current ip and other information

debian-live-zfs - scripts to build a debian live image with zfs support

docker-linx - docker build instructions for andreimarcu/linx-server

lyricscraper - a python tool to download lyrics from a couple websites

nginx-demo - demo configs for nginx

wg-vankey - a rust cli tool to generate wireguard public keys with a given prefix

xkcd_api - a search api for xkcd

ROBOT9000 - a rust implementation of xkcd's ROBOT9000 for discord

SufjanAsAService - a markov chain generator in c# for sufjan stevens lyrics

GenericBot - a Discord bot I wrote a while back and maintain now that it's in over 50 servers. doesn't get much attention these days

Private Repos

bastion - traefik configurations for my secure server, hosting things like my password manager (dani-garcia/vaultwarden

sortapp - something to do with having a list and sorting it by comparing two items over and over

march - the infinite march